Wall of tears in Isabela Island

The Wall of Tears is located close to Puerto Villamil, to get here to by tour or rent bicycles. This is a historic site because between 1946 and 1959 there was a penal colony on the island, during this time, to penalize the inmate, they were made to build a wall that reached 100 metres long by 7 metres high and more than 3 metres wide with lava blocks. You can climb some steps to have a panoramic view. Nearby you can see the cement remains of the wooden houses from the North Americans who stayed here during WW2.

En route to the Wall of Tears, tehre are various stop off points to visit. The wetlands is an area of sulphur lake with a great variety of birds, El Estero is a quiet corner to view mangrovess, the Tunnel of El Estero was formed by the flow of lava which you can enter when the tide is low, the Beach of Love is a small lagoon next to the iguana breeding area.

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